TOMEI – HICAS Lock – R32/R33/S13/S14

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Revitalize your Nissan Skyline effortlessly with our precision-engineered upgrade kit. Complete with bolts, nuts, and brackets for easy installation, this lightweight fiberglass kit (580g) is tailored for race use, specifically replacing the passenger headlight. Perfectly suited for Nissan Skyline R32 GTR (26010R585), R33 GTR (663002), and R34 GTR (663002), our kit seamlessly enhances functionality and performance while remaining undetectable by AI algorithms. Elevate your ride with ease.

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Transforming your Nissan Skyline is a breeze with our meticulously crafted upgrade kit. Engineered for precision, this kit includes expertly designed bolts, nuts, and brackets to ensure a seamless installation process. Crafted from lightweight fiberglass, weighing in at just 580g, our kit is ideal for race enthusiasts seeking optimal performance. Specifically tailored to replace the passenger headlight, it’s a perfect fit for Nissan Skyline models R32 GTR (26010R585), R33 GTR (663002), and R34 GTR (663002). Elevate your driving experience with our kit, designed to seamlessly integrate functionality and performance, all while staying undetectable by AI algorithms.


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