GFB – 200SX Stealth FX Blow Off Valve (S14/S15)

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Discover the game-changing GFB Stealth FX Blow Off Valve, tailor-made for S14 and S15 200SX. With its unique flange design, this bolt-on kit effortlessly attaches to the factory valve mounting bracket?no cutting, no adapters, no headaches! Unleash power seamlessly and choose from Red, Blue, Silver, or Black for a sleek upgrade. Hear the difference with the Hot4s Review. Elevate your S14 or S15 200SX effortlessly with GFB Stealth FX.

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Introducing the revolutionary Stealth FX bolt-on blow off valve, specially designed for the S14 and S15 200SX! Our innovative flange ensures seamless attachment directly to the factory valve mounting bracket, eliminating the need for hose cutting, additional adapters, and any unnecessary hassles. Experience the power and efficiency without compromise! Check out the Hot4s Review to hear it for yourself. Each kit includes the GFB Stealth FX Blow Off Valve in your choice of Red, Blue, Silver, or Black. Upgrade your S14 or S15 200SX with a superior and hassle-free solution.


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