TOMEI – SR20 ARMS B8446 Turbo Kit Code SR-B S14 S15

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Revolutionize your SR20 engine with BoltonHorse Power! Our carefully curated ARMS B7652 & B8446 Series Turbines offer the perfect bolt-on solution for peak performance. Designed for Nissan 200SX S14 SR20DET and Nissan Silvia S15 SR20DET, these turbines deliver a mighty 420PS output.

Experience the thrill of high-speed drifts and circuit time attacks with the largest bolt-on turbine in its class. Precision meets power with advanced specs like Compressor Wheel, Turbine Housing, and more. Pair it seamlessly with TOMEI PONCAM TYPE-R camshaft (256?-11.5mm) and TOMEI 740cc Injectors for an unbeatable driving experience.

BoltonHorse Power ? where power meets precision for an unforgettable ride. Unleash the beast within!”

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Unleash the BoltonHorse Power! We’ve taken the initiative to simplify your search for the perfect turbine sizes that complement the SR20 engine. Our meticulous research led us to curate the ultimate bolt-on kit featuring the ARMS B7652 & B8446 Series Turbines. These turbines boast advanced specifications, including Compressor Wheel, Compressor Housing, Turbine Wheel, Turbine Housing, Trim, Inducer Diameter, and Exducer Diameter, all optimized for superior performance.

The ARMS B7652 offers a trim of 52, an inducer diameter of 51.2mm, and an exducer diameter of 71.1mm, with a turbine housing A/R of 0.64. Meanwhile, the ARMS B8446 impresses with a trim of 46, an inducer diameter of 46.7mm, and an exducer diameter of 76.2mm, featuring a turbine housing A/R of 0.86. These turbine sizes are meticulously crafted and available in a convenient bolt-on kit.

Experience the power of the largest bolt-on turbine in its class, designed to be the ultimate weapon for seasoned drivers in circuit time attacks or exhilarating drift runs. Its prowess extends to high-speed drifts around curves with large radii, delivering an Output of 420PS. This powerhouse is tailored to fit Nissan 200SX S14 SR20DET and Nissan Silvia S15 SR20DET, ensuring a seamless integration into your vehicle.

To maximize the potential of these turbines, we recommend pairing them with the TOMEI PONCAM TYPE-R camshaft featuring specifications of 256?-11.5mm. Enhance fuel delivery with TOMEI 740cc Injectors, completing the package for an unparalleled driving experience.

Gear up with BoltonHorse Power, where precision meets performance, and let your journey on the road become an unforgettable adventure. Drive with confidence, conquer with BoltonHorse Power!”

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