Autometer – Cobalt Air/fuel Ratio Gauge (2-1/16″)

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Upgrade your vehicle monitoring with our sleek 2-1/16″ digital gauge. The silver-faced display, available in yellow, green, or red, features an electrical sending unit with a bar graph sweep for precise readings from lean to rich. Compatible with most factory narrow-band O2 sensors, this gauge comes with a silver bezel and can be purchased individually. Compact at 2-1/16″ in diameter, it delivers style and functionality to your dashboard. Note that it does not include dial illumination or backlighting. Elevate your driving experience with this modern digital gauge, and for some models, check out our model 2244 in the Accessories Section for optimal compatibility.

In Stock


Optimize your vehicle monitoring experience with our cutting-edge 2-1/16″ digital gauge. Boasting a sleek silver-colored face with vibrant yellow, green, or red numbers, this gauge ensures clarity and style. Its electrical sending unit with a bar graph sweep accurately reads from lean to rich, providing comprehensive insights. Designed to accommodate most factory narrow-band O2 sensors, it includes a silver bezel and is available individually. The overall diameter of 2-1/16″ ensures a compact yet informative addition to your vehicle’s dashboard. Please note that this product does not feature dial illumination or backlighting. Enhance your driving performance with this state-of-the-art digital gauge, compatible with most narrow-band O2 sensors, though some models may require the addition of model 2244 from our Accessories Section for optimal functionality.


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