Defi – Defi-Link Meter BF – Vacuum/Boost (60mm)

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Unleash performance and style with Defi-Link Meters, electronic gauges of unparalleled responsiveness and refined design. These gauges seamlessly connect to the Defi-Link System via the Control Unit II, allowing control of up to 7 gauges with a sleek “DAISY CHAIN” wiring system. The BF gauges boast a visually stunning feature, turning off completely when inactive and illuminating with clarity upon ignition. With customizable brightness, captivating modes, and practical functionalities like data storage and double warnings, Defi-Link Meters redefine driving precision. Specifically designed for 12V vehicles, these gauges elevate your driving experience, merging cutting-edge technology with aesthetic appeal.

In Stock


Discover the unparalleled performance and sleek aesthetics of Defi-Link Meters, cutting-edge electronic gauges designed for high responsiveness and refined style. These gauges seamlessly integrate into the Defi-Link System, requiring connection to the Defi-Link Control Unit II, which has the capacity to command and monitor up to 7 gauges simultaneously. Featuring a distinctive “DAISY CHAIN” wiring system, the Defi-Link System ensures a streamlined and efficient setup. The BF gauges boast a visually stunning attribute as they completely power down, concealing lettering and needles when inactive, and illuminate with clarity upon ignition activation using white LED technology. With customizable brightness across 10 stages, these gauges adapt to ambient conditions, synchronizing with the vehicle’s illumination switch. Experience the captivating Opening and Ending modes, further enhancing the display’s allure. Additionally, the meters offer practical functionalities, such as data storage and replay for up to 3 minutes, a double warning system combining LED lamps and audible alerts, and compatibility with Defi-Link Indicators for comprehensive warning coverage. Elevate your driving experience with Defi-Link Meter BF, exclusively tailored for 12V vehicles, and unlock a new dimension of precision and aesthetics on the road.


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