APEXi – Aluminium Induction Box – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7/8/9 (01-07)

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Elevate your turbocharged engine’s performance with the A’PEX Aluminum Induction Box. This precision-engineered shield protects the intake filter from heat, optimizing combustion efficiency. By enclosing the filter and redirecting air away from heat-soaked components, it prevents the intake of hot air, ensuring a cooler, more reliable engine. Crafted to the highest standards by A’PEX, this induction box guarantees a perfect fit and maximum performance. Note: Filters not included. Specifically designed for Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7/8/8MR/9/9MR CT9A 4G63 models (01-07). Unleash the power of innovation with A’PEX.

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The A’PEX Aluminum Induction Box serves as an effective safeguard for the intake filter element, shielding it from the performance-diminishing effects of heat generated by turbocharged engines and extreme under-the-hood conditions. This meticulously crafted induction box encapsulates the filter element entirely, redirecting the intake air charge away from heat-saturated engine components. By doing so, it acts as a barrier against the ingestion of hot, preheated air from the engine compartment, promoting a notable reduction in intake air temperature. This, in turn, enhances combustion efficiency, leading to superior performance and heightened reliability. A’PEX manufactures all components to the highest standards, ensuring precise fitment and optimum performance. Please note that filters are not included with the box. This A’PEX induction box is specifically designed for Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7/8/8MR/9/9MR CT9A 4G63 models spanning the years 2001 to 2007. Elevate your driving experience with A’PEX quality and innovation.


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