Davies, Craig – 16″ Thermatic Fan Kit

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Davies, Craig Thermatic fans redefine vehicle cooling, excelling as both primary and supplemental solutions. As primary sources, they offer an economical replacement, boosting engine power and fuel efficiency by 5-10%. Reversible blades and compatibility with all controls enhance versatility. In supplemental roles, they ensure constant airflow, optimizing air conditioning and meeting additional condenser needs for R-134A refrigerant. Beyond vehicles, these fans prove versatile in refrigeration and air circulation. With sizes from 8″ to 16″ and sealed motors, they’re available in 12 and 24 Volt options, guaranteeing reliability. Beware of imitations; Davies, Craig Thermatic Fans are the original and best, backed by a two-year warranty for unmatched durability. Choose Davies, Craig for superior cooling efficiency across diverse applications.

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Davies, Craig Thermatic fans stand out as indispensable cooling solutions for modern vehicles, serving multiple functions as both primary and supplemental cooling components. As a primary cooling source, these fans, known for their compatibility with all electric fan controls, offer an economical replacement for original parts, delivering a remarkable 5-10% increase in engine power and fuel efficiency compared to conventional fans. With reversible blades for ‘pusher’ and ‘puller’ applications, they provide versatility for various setups. In their role as supplemental cooling sources, Davies, Craig Thermatic fans ensure constant airflow, enhancing air conditioning performance and meeting the additional condenser cooling needs for R-134A refrigerant, thus optimizing the overall efficiency of the cooling system. Beyond automotive applications, these fans demonstrate versatility in refrigeration, air circulation, and extraction systems. Available in 12 and 24 Volt options and various sizes, from 8? to 16?, with sealed motors of exceptional quality, Davies, Craig Thermatic fans are a reliable choice. Beware of imitations; Davies, Craig Thermatic Fans are the original and the best. The specifications, including maximum current, life, weight, and components, underscore their durability and performance. Davies, Craig provides a two-year warranty, ensuring free repairs for any faults directly attributable to defects in workmanship or materials. Choose Davies, Craig Thermatic fans for unmatched cooling efficiency and reliability in diverse applications.


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