Davies, Craig – Thermal Switch & Relay Kit (12V only)

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This 12V mechanical switch, positioned near the radiator with a copper probe in the hose, accurately detects cooling system temperature (adjustable from 40?C to 100?C). The kit includes the switch, mounting bracket, wire connectors, and a rubber seal. Differentiating from the 0401 model, it features an extra relay and wiring harness for dual functionality?responding to thermal conditions and air conditioner activation. A versatile solution for reliable operation in various scenarios.

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This mechanical switch, designed for 12 Volts operation, is strategically positioned adjacent to the radiator, with a copper probe embedded within the radiator hose for precise cooling system temperature detection. The adjustable thermal switch spans a temperature range from 40?C to 100?C and seamlessly integrates into the ignition circuit for optimal functionality. Included in the kit are the thermal switch, mounting bracket, wire connectors, and a rubber seal. Distinguishing itself from the 0401 model, this kit boasts an added relay and wiring harness, enabling dual functionality based on both thermal conditions and the activation of the air conditioner. This versatile switch ensures reliable operation, catering to diverse scenarios with ease.


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