GFB – Pulley Kit – Subaru Impreza WRX 01-02

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Revitalize your vehicle’s performance with GFB’s light-weight under-drive pulley kit, boosting throttle response and power. Precision-engineered from 6061-T6 aluminum billet, these pulleys are significantly lighter than stock, reducing rotating inertia for faster engine acceleration. The under-driving feature enhances power by minimizing the crank pulley size, ensuring efficiency between idle and 1400RPM. Tested on an MY02 Subaru WRX, the Atomic Boost Controller delivers up to 18kW at the wheels, providing earlier boost rise and improved acceleration. Ideal for MY01-02 WRX models, the 2-pulley Subaru WRX kit, available in Blue, Red, and Silver, is a must-have upgrade. Transform your driving experience with GFB’s premium modifications?unleash power without compromising factory boost levels!

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Enhance your vehicle’s performance with the GFB light-weight under-drive pulley kit, designed to optimize throttle response and unleash more power! Crafted from premium 6061-T6 aluminum billet using state-of-the-art Multi-Axis CNC machines, GFB’s pulleys are significantly lighter than factory steel counterparts?up to 7kg lighter for the GFB 300ZX pulley! This reduced weight minimizes rotating inertia in the belt train, facilitating quicker engine acceleration, especially in the lower RPM range.

The under-driving feature further boosts power by reducing the size of the crank pulley, slowing down accessories and decreasing the load on the engine, particularly at higher RPM. This modification ensures optimal efficiency for driven accessories between idle and 1400RPM, while the under-drive ratio maximizes power gains as RPM increases. Experience substantial power increases without altering boost levels!

Tested on an MY02 Subaru WRX with a turbo-back exhaust, the Atomic Boost Controller delivers impressive results. In comparison to the factory controller, the Atomic enables earlier boost rise, translating to up to 18kW (23.4hp) at the wheels in the lower rev range. Notably effective for MY01-02 WRX models with conservative factory boost mapping, the Atomic or Reactor boost controller significantly improves acceleration, making your WRX feel more lively and responsive.

For MY01-02 WRX owners, the GFB 2-pulley Subaru WRX kit, inclusive of crank and alternator pulleys, and belts, is a must-have. Available in Blue, Red, and Silver, this kit is designed for the MY01-02 WRX (MY02-03 in the U.S.?the “bugeye” model) and is compatible with all Subaru EJ20, EJ22, and EJ25 turbo and non-turbo engines. Note that the kit excludes the power steering pulley for models where it cannot be removed.

Upgrade your driving experience with the GFB under-drive pulley kit and Atomic Boost Controller?transform your MY01-02 WRX into a powerhouse, achieving optimal performance without compromising factory peak boost levels. Choose GFB for the best “bang-for-your-buck” modification that delivers unmatched results!


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