JUN – GT Surge Tank – Honda B16B/B18C

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Revolutionize your engine’s potential with the JUN GT Surge Tank. Expertly designed, this surge tank optimizes performance by addressing crucial factors like collector capacity, surge tank form, and funnel design. Unlike stock alternatives, JUN ensures a perfect balance of capacity, preventing shortages and maximizing airflow efficiency. Tailored for Honda B16B/B18C engines, the kit includes a throttle body utilizing Nissan stock parts for the Pulsar N15. Experience a seamless blend of precision engineering and innovation, unlocking your vehicle’s true power with the JUN GT Surge Tank.

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Enhancing Engine Performance with JUN GT Surge Tank

Upgrade your engine’s characteristics with the revolutionary JUN GT Surge Tank, a meticulously designed component that maximizes performance. This surge tank introduces significant changes, considering key factors such as collector capacity relative to displacement volume, surge tank form, intake port length, and intake port section. By carefully addressing these elements, the JUN GT Surge Tank extracts optimal engine performance.

Surge Tank Capacity:
Unlike stock surge tanks that overlook tuning-related output increases, the JUN GT Surge Tank is crafted to prevent capacity shortages. Inadequate tank capacity can hinder proper air distribution among cylinders, impacting performance. Conversely, excessive capacity may impede the inertia boost effect, crucial for efficiently directing air into cylinders through pressure changes. JUN’s highly efficient surge tank strikes a perfect balance, ensuring optimal performance across various engine operating conditions.

Surge Tank Form:
The design of the surge tank plays a pivotal role in maintaining air movement energy near the entrance. While stock surge tanks often adopt a thick form, the JUN GT Surge Tank optimizes airflow by tapering towards the back end. This design minimizes disorderly whirlpools, enabling a smooth, vigorous airflow without unnecessary capacity that may hinder performance.

Funnel Form:
Critical to achieving optimal airflow conditions, the funnel design within the surge tank is paramount. Unlike stock surge tanks with unprojected cylinder branches, the JUN GT Surge Tank adopts a curl funnel form. This innovation efficiently draws in downward air from the funnel entrance, enhancing overall inhaling air efficiency. Say goodbye to inefficiencies associated with traditional designs, as the JUN GT Surge Tank elevates performance through its forward-thinking funnel form.

Application List:
The JUN GT Surge Tank is compatible with Honda B16B/B18C engines, offering a tailored solution for discerning automotive enthusiasts. Notably, this kit incorporates a throttle body that utilizes Nissan stock parts, specifically designed for the Pulsar N15.

Product Notes:
Experience the full potential of this kit with the integrated throttle body, utilizing Nissan stock parts for the Pulsar N15. Elevate your engine’s capabilities with the JUN GT Surge Tank, a testament to precision engineering and innovative design. Unleash the true power of your vehicle with a surge tank that seamlessly combines performance and efficiency.


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