JUN – GT Surge Tank – Nissan RB26DETT

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Unlock unparalleled engine performance with the JUN GT Surge Tank. Meticulously engineered to optimize key factors such as collector capacity, surge tank form, and intake port design, this upgrade ensures maximum power output. The JUN GT Surge Tank strikes a perfect balance, preventing capacity shortages and excess, while its tapered design promotes smooth airflow for an enhanced inertia boost effect. Upgrade to the JUN GT Surge Tank and experience superior engine efficiency. Note: Compatible with RB26DETT. Throttle wire modification to Nissan stock (for Z32) and the use of a processed Nissan stock throttle body (for Infinity) is recommended for optimal results. Elevate your drive with JUN precision.

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Enhancing Engine Performance with JUN GT Surge Tank

Experience a significant transformation in engine characteristics with the JUN GT Surge Tank. Engine performance is influenced by various factors, such as collector capacity corresponding to displacement volume, serge tank form, intake port length, and intake port section. The JUN GT Surge Tank is meticulously designed to maximize engine performance by taking these factors into consideration.

Capacity Optimization:
Stock surge tanks may fall short in accommodating increased output from tuning, potentially leading to capacity shortages. Insufficient tank capacity can hinder optimal air distribution among cylinders. On the other hand, excessive capacity poses challenges in achieving the inertia boost effect through pressure changes. The JUN GT Surge Tank strikes the perfect balance, ensuring efficient air distribution and leveraging the inertia boost effect for enhanced performance.

Form Matters:
The surge tank’s design plays a crucial role in maintaining air movement energy and promoting efficient airflow. Unlike many stock surge tanks with a thick form, the JUN GT Surge Tank adopts a tapered design towards the back end from the entrance. This design facilitates smooth airflow, preventing disorderly movement energy and whirlpools. Unnecessary capacity is eliminated, heightening the inertia boost effect for superior performance.

Optimizing Funnel Design:
Achieving optimal airflow conditions for each cylinder is crucial. Unlike stock surge tanks with non-projecting branches, the JUN GT Surge Tank features a curl funnel form to efficiently intake downward air from the funnel entrance. This design significantly improves the efficiency of the funnel, ensuring that air is drawn in near the entrance where pressure differences are most effective.

Application List:

Product Notes:
Upgrade to Nissan stock throttle wire (for Z32).
Utilizes a modified Nissan stock throttle body (for Infinity) for enhanced performance.

Elevate your engine’s potential with the JUN GT Surge Tank?meticulously crafted for optimal capacity, streamlined form, and efficient airflow. Note: Throttle wire and throttle body modifications are recommended for Nissan stock parts compatibility.


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