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Discover precision in every pulse with the MSD Timing Light?an essential for dedicated racers and mechanics. This robust tool boasts solid-state circuitry, a Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR), and a linear Xenon flash tube, ensuring accurate timing signals from 0 to 8,000 rpm. Built to thrive in tough environments, its chrome-plated metal housing and resilient design make it ideal for racing pits and professional mechanic shops. The metal inductive pickup, resistant to melting, ensures reliability, and the six-feet lead set with detachable, heat-resistant rubber leads provides convenient storage. Unleash professional-grade precision with the MSD Timing Light, your trusted companion for points or electronic ignition systems.

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The MSD Timing Light stands as the go-to choice for discerning racers and mechanics seeking a durable, user-friendly, and exceptionally precise timing tool. Crafted with robust solid-state circuitry and leveraging a Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR), this timing light delivers unwavering timing signals across the 0 to 8,000 rpm spectrum. Its design incorporates a linear Xenon flash tube and a meticulously focused Fresnel lens, ensuring a luminous output suitable even for use in broad daylight. Engineered for harsh environments like racing pits and professional mechanic shops, the MSD Timing Light features a resilient, chrome-plated metal housing that is both robust and easily maintainable. The addition of a durable rubber nose cone safeguards the Fresnel lens from potential damage.

What sets the MSD Timing Light apart is its metal inductive pickup, resistant to melting upon accidental contact with an exhaust header. Offering versatility, this pickup can be connected to the spark plug wire in any direction, eliminating the risk of false readings. The included six-feet lead set provides ample reach from the battery to most timing marks, with heavy rubber leads designed to resist burns and cuts. Detachable for convenient storage, these leads, along with color-coded and insulated battery clamps, ensure secure connections. Whether employed with points or electronic ignition systems, the MSD Timing Light is a professional-grade tool designed to meet the demands of precision timing in various settings.


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