TOMEI – Forged Piston Kit – 4G63 2.2L

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Elevate your engine’s performance with TOMEI forged pistons ? meticulously crafted from durable aluminum alloy. From the combustion chamber to the cylinder, these pistons endure extreme conditions, withstanding pressures up to 200 kgf and 11 tons of force. Ideal for highly modified engines, they outperform stock OEM pistons, ensuring reliability under the most demanding circumstances. Used in renowned RB26 and SR20 engines, as well as in Group C and F1 racing, TOMEI pistons are synonymous with endurance and precision. Each kit includes pistons, rings, pins, and circlips, allowing you to choose your preferred bore size for a seamless upgrade. Choose TOMEI for unparalleled quality in high-performance piston technology.

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In the heart of the engine assembly, from the combustion chamber to the cylinder, a resilient piston tirelessly operates, transforming the explosive energy into seamless rotational motion. Enduring the harshest conditions among all engine components, the piston confronts unrelenting forces and extreme temperature variations. Given its pivotal role in transmitting combusted energy to mechanical action, the piston necessitates formidable strength to withstand the demanding environment it operates in.

While conventional OEM-manufactured pistons, crafted from cast metal, excel in mass production scenarios, they falter under the strain of highly modified engines generating over 100 horsepower per cylinder. To surpass these limitations, our pistons are meticulously engineered from forged aluminum alloy. This superior material empowers the piston to navigate conditions beyond stock capabilities. Specifically designed for resilience, our forged pistons boast the ability to endure combustion pressures of 200 kgf and withstand 11 tons of force, even in the face of combusted gas temperatures reaching up to 2,500 degrees Celsius.

The excellence of TOMEI pistons is exemplified in their application in highly tuned RB26 and SR20 engines, mirroring the quality found in Group C and F1 racing pistons. Each kit, comprising pistons, piston rings, pins, and circlips, is a testament to our commitment to uncompromising quality. Select your preferred bore size below, and experience the performance and durability that sets our pistons apart. Bore options include 85.5mm (Part Number: 1151855212) and 86.0mm (Part Number: 1151860212). Elevate your engine’s capabilities with TOMEI forged pistons ? the epitome of endurance and precision.


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